Boy Scout Troop 396 program year runs from February 1st to January 31st every year.  Your membership automatically expires on these dates if you do not recharter.

Youth joining requirements:

Your son can be a Scout in our Troop if he has completed the fifth grade and is at least 10 years old OR is age 11 OR has earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, AND has not yet reached age 18.

Adult joining requirements:

How to be a Merit Badge Counselor!

Parents and adult members of the community are encouraged to serve as Merit Badge counselors.  There are 137 merit badges and we hope to have coverage for each one for youth in our area.  This is a separate position from "Adult leader" that involves mentoring youth through specific Merit Badges that the counselor has special knowledge or interest.  Here's the  complete list of merit badges

You can turn in the forms and proof of training to the Scoutmaster or Troop Registrar.  Or send directly to our Council office via this form

As of 2/3/2021 we have local counselors for only 51 of the 137 merit badges.  Take a look to see if you can fill in some of the gaps on the 86 badges without a local counselor.